An Overview of my WIP

Riding through the wilds of western Britain, a Roman convoy is hunted by a barbaric people with demonic powers. Captured, Aemilius faces the mercy of their chieftain, a fearsome warrior and, in his eyes, a bloodthirsty savage.

Cadwen is a member of the Dyfed tribe, and chieftain of a small hillfort by the sea. After 15 years of relative peace, her old enemy has come into her lands, and she faces the gruelling prospect of defending her people. But the world has changed for her since she last rode out to fight, and she isn’t so eager to drag her family into chaos.

Llewellyn is Cadwen’s son, and dreams of being chosen as her successor. When his mother asks him to shadow her in her duties, he’s determined to prove that he can make her proud. However, a small, drunken prayer to Arianrhod, the goddess of marriage, leaves him facing a stark decision: should he abandon his people for love?

And across the Celtic nations, the war goddess is seen, stalking the visions of the druids, while the Wild Hunt rides out, led by the horned ruler of the Otherworld. Ritual magic, bardic spells, and blessings from the gods are central to the Celtic way of life – what horrendous machinations are they being warned of?